Standard Framework for Finance

Experience seamless finance for the currencies of Web3.

Katal Chain

Katal is a Substrate based blockchain and is built using its framework.
You can think of it as a financial node in Polkadot that applies The ACTUS Standard to allow anyone to customize and create self-executing financial contracts.
Katal will use oracles as connectors for off chain data feeds. All financial contracts built on our chain will have access to these data feeds.


We aim to become interconnected through multichain networks such as Polkadot.
By connecting to Relaychain we allow other chains to have access to financial contracts built using our framework.

Customised Runtime

In addition to using a custom Substrate implementation we use an open source standard for all financial contracts or instruments called The ACTUS Standard.
Developers can use this standard to customize the financial contracts they build on our chain.
This makes our blockchain runtime unique.